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The information in this article provides general recommendations and accommodates most implementations. If you have deployed ICS, moving to v7.4+ may present challenges since the architecture and scripting API has changed. You will need to recreate your synchronization flows in the new RadiantOne version (e.g., v7.4 or v8). Please consult your Radiant Logic Account Representative if you have any questions regarding your upgrade or would like to discuss professional services options to assist with your upgrade plan.


Q: I have v7.2 deployed. Should I upgrade to v7.3 or v7.4?

A: If you are in the process of upgrading to v7.3, continue with your upgrade plan. Otherwise, the recommended upgrade path is to move to v7.4. The upgrade guide can be found here:



Q: I have v7.3 deployed. Should I upgrade to v7.4 or wait until v8?

A: If you want to move to a SaaS subscription model, you can wait for v8 (the initial release is scheduled for the first half of 2023).

If you want to keep an on-premises deployment, note that the initial v8 on-prem version will be deployed in containers and orchestrated with Kubernetes. If you don’t have the knowledgeable staff to implement this type of deployment, you should upgrade to v7.4 instead of waiting for v8.

If you have RadiantOne ICS deployed and have an immediate need to move away from using GlassFish and OpenMQ, upgrade to v7.4 instead of waiting for v8. V7.3 -> v7.4 upgrade guide can be found here:


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