Reset Inter-cluster replication - Hot initialization


How to Reset inter-cluster replication - Hot initialization


  1. Leave the Inter-Cluster replication Enabled and make sure it is working properly both ways.(you can make some dummy changes and validate that first)
  2. Export the HDAP store from Central Journal Cluster into LDIF with “Export for replication” enabled
  3. Verify that the top few lines in LDIF file should contain “vdssynccursor” as a date format and not a number
  4. Copy the LDIF file to other Secondary Cluster
  5. Perform a cache initialization using the exported LDIF into the other Secondary Clusters
  6. Once all the data is synced, the Secondary cluster HDAP store “vdssynccursor” value will change from date format to a number format.


All changes happening during Export process will also be published in other Clusters



This is a One-way replication data fix from Primary to Secondary

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  • Does this apply to VDS 7.2, 7.3, 7.4 and 8.0?

  • It was added after v7.2.25+ and v7.3.2+ and v7.4.0+ and will surely be in 8.0 code base.


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