Support Priority and Response Times

The speed of our support team's response time depends on the priority level you select when you submit your ticket. Your ticket priority level can be changed by Radiant Logic support to be higher or lower based on the impact on your business.

First Response Times


First Response Time


P2 (High)

4 hours

Obstruction/Affecting Users

P3 (Normal)

12 hours

Impacting Functionality

P4 (Low)

1 week



P1 Tickets

Priority 1 tickets are reserved for Production Down or Production impacted issues. Issues for lower environments or not impacting production should be raised as P2, P3 or P4.


First Response Time


P1 (Urgent)

1 hour

Production Down/Impaired


Customer Support

We have global Customer Support available 24/7. Tickets opened in your local time zone will remain with the engineer assigned unless requested for another time zone.

To contact Customer Support, reach out to, or open up a ticket through the Support Portal

Outage Support

For urgent Priority 1 production outages, please open a ticket with Priority 1 in the Support Portal, and you will be prompted via email to contact our P1 phone line for immediate assistance: 1-877-727-6442.


Please Note: You will be required to set the ticket priority when submitting a ticket via the support portal. However, Radiant Logic reserves the right to reclassify the priority level at any time if we reasonably believe the classification is incorrect. Re-classifications are almost exclusively used in situations where a ticket is submitted as Urgent, usually a non-production setup issue, or a how-to question.

Radiant Logic support may also increase the priority level if the situation is deemed to be more urgent than originally reported. If you do not choose a priority level when you create a ticket, it will default to P3 (Normal).

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