Enable your team members to view and edit your support tickets


How can my team members view and edit my support cases?


There are a few ways to accomplish this. 

The first way is to add them to your support tickets individually. You do this by CC’ing them onto the individual ticket. You can do this while submitting a ticket or once the ticket is open. The benefit of this method is that only the specific members you have selected have access to view and edit the ticket.


Attach colleagues while opening a support ticket: 



Attach colleagues on an open support ticket: 


The second option is to request that your entire organization view and edit tickets. This option requires a user to open a support ticket with this request or email support@radiantlogic.com. Our support team can grant access for users to view tickets, which is done individually or as an entire organization. They can also enable editing for the organization as a whole. Before editing is enabled, the support engineers will confirm who is a part of the organization in case information needs to be updated. Please note the support engineer can only allow editing for the entire organization, not individually.

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