Upgrading to RadiantOne v7.4

For the initial release of v7.4.0, a few important points:

1. Existing customers can install v7.4.0 on a new machine (one that currently doesn't have RadiantOne installed). 

NOTE - the installation process has changed. There are no longer .exe and .bin installer files. A zip file is provided for Windows, and a tar file for Linux. After the files are extracted to the location where you want RadiantOne to be installed, you can use either a web-based install (use \radiantone\vds\bin\setup.bat/.sh) or install-sample.properties with Instance Manager to install in a silent mode. See the RadiantOne Installation Guide.

2. An upgrade guide for RadiantOne FID v7.3 customers to upgrade to v7.4 is available.

3. For RadiantOne FID+ICS customers (that have ICS deployed), ICS topologies will need to be reconfigured in v7.4, they are not migrated. Since the sync API and architecture have changed, the v7.3 configuration is not compatible in v7.4.  Contact your Radiant Logic Account Representative to discuss ICS upgrade options.

4. RadiantOne-specific environment variables used/set during installation are no longer used. You will not have or need RLI_HOME or RLI_JAVA_HOME.

License Feature changes in 7.4.8+


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