Virtual Views of Okta not working after Updating to v7.4.7


Virtual views of Okta are not working after updating to v7.4.7.



The Okta custom data source in RadiantOne v7.4.7 has been updated to use the newer SDK. This is the reason why existing virtual views of Okta are not working after updating to v7.4.7.  Any existing data source, orx file, dvx file, or mounted view that was configured for an Okta backend will need to be reconfigured.

Use the new okta2.orx and okta2.dvx included in the updater and update the oktaclient custom data source (or your own if you cloned the default) to delete the apikey property, and add the new apitoken property. Make sure to populate the apitoken property with a valid API Token generated in Okta.

Also, CREATE operations on Okta are currently not supported, only update/delete operations.

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  • Create Operations on OKTA virtual view - were working in 7.4.4 and 7.4.5 and now as mentioned in above article we see Error on create.  What is issue and when will it be fixed?

    Is there any work around to create objects in okta via virtual view.

  • Good Afternoon, Ldap Engineering Team, 

    The create operations functionality is slated to be included in our 7.4.8 version, which has an expected release date of mid-October. 

    With that being said, I see you have support ticket 4052 opened. Can you please include in the ticket how you are utilizing this functionality and its impact on your business? I will track this ticket and relay that information to our development team. 

  • Updated All details to ticket: this is our latest ticket Request #5058.  --> Old ticket reference 4052.




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