RadiantOne v7.4.9 Release Notes

Release Notes are located here: v7.4.9 Release Notes

Important Note - There is an issue with using the web update installer to update from RadiantOne v7.4.8 to v7.4.9 resulting in the following error in web.log:

ERROR com.rli.install.web.filters.ExceptionFilter:36 - Caught unexpected exception.org.apache.jasper.JasperException: An exception occurred processing JSP page [/WEB-INF/jsp/update_confirmation.jsp] at line [61]

Either use the command line option to update from v7.4.8 to v7.4.9. Or, you can run a shell script prior to launching the web-based UI to run the update installer. More details can be found in this article: 

Known Issue - Updating from v7.4.8 to v7.4.9 – Support Portal (radiantlogic.com)


Files associated with the release:

RadiantOne v7.4.9 Installers - in Customer Downloads/installers/7.4/7.4.9

RadiantOne v7.4.9 Updaters - in Customer Downloads/update_installers/7.4/7.4.9

Migration Utility - Customer Downloads/MigrationUtilty/Migration Utility v2.1


Note - You will need to create an account to access the files. There is not an FTP site to access these files. If your organization does not allow access to Sharefile, please reach out to the Radiant Logic support team and provide an organizationally approved location where we can upload the relevant files.


Create an account: https://radiantlogicinc246.sharefile.com/i/i1bc2de34c6e42bba


If you already have a Sharefile account, you can login here and access the installers, updaters and Migration Utility: https://radiantlogicinc246.sharefile.com/

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