CFS Release Notes v3.16.0

Attached are release notes detailing changes between CFS v3.15.1 and v3.16.0.


  • [VSTS36058]: CSRF Vulnerability Mitigation.
  • [VSTS40927]: Upgrade .NET Framework and Dependencies.
  • [VSTS41094]: OIDC support in CFS - Make expiration time configurable for the access token and ID token.
  • [VSTS42522]: SAML2 SSO Template for AWS SSO.
  • [VSTS41327]: Add Support for new format of IP Ranges in COT Rules.
  • [VSTS41205]: Metadata Ingest Process for SAML.
  • [VSTS41753]: Add Client Credentials flow support in CFS OAuth server.
  • [VSTS41366]: Add Validation on OIDC token lifetime + improve UI.


Bug Fixes

  • [VSTS41148]: OIDC Configuration URL Validation for Known Tenants.
  • [VSTS41204]: Fix an Issue in which CFS was unrecoverable if the RadiantOne service was absent for a period of time.
  • [VSTS42163]: The phone_number_verified and email_verfied claims in OIDC tokens are Returned as Boolean Instead of String.
  • [VSTS42325]: Fix an Issue where including equals sign (=) would break searching for users if their User Identifier is something like entryDn.
  • [VSTS41893]: Form validation for OIDC breaks when encountering sufficiently complex passwords.
  • [VSTS42486]: OIDC through CFS Proxy Fails.
  • [VSTS41226]: Fixed an issue with creating new users with invalid email address.
  • [VSTS41227]: Fixed an Issue with Creating New OpenID Connect Application.
  • [VSTS41229]: Add New CoT Rule - Validation and UI Issue.
  • [VSTS41231]: Fix an Issue in the General Settings tab for CFS Master.
  • [VSTS41232]: Fix a Validation Issue in the CFS Master Administration Section for Web Portal Customization.
  • [VSTS41263]: Fixed a Validation Issue in CFS Master Login/Password Pass through Authentication Section.
  • [VSTS41228]: Fix an Issue where duplicate Custom Claims Could be Added for OIDC Mappings.
  • [VSTS41367]: Fix an Issue where Saving a new OIDC Application didn't Save the Parameters.
  • [VSTS42382]: Fix an Issue where Enabling/Disabling a user in the Users tab was not properly displaying.
  • [VSTS42383]: Fix an Issue where Disabling a Login/Password Authentication option and deleting fields still showed deleted fields after Save.
  • [VSTS42398]: Fix an Issue where messages were improperly displayed when a user goes through forgot password process.

[VSTS42401]: Fix an Issue where the /system/System/Server/Access page was broken.

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