RadiantOne v7.3.25 Release Notes

The following release notes detail improvements and fixes for RadiantOne v7.3.25.


  • [VSTS39481]: Added support for certificate authentication (pem or pfx) in the mgraph custom data source for accessing Azure AD.
  • [VSTS42731]: Added a new option (--cert-password-encoded or -Q) in the instance manager tool for passing the server certificate password in encrypted format.
  • [VSTS42785]: Fixed an issue where ACI's attribute target with a large list of attributes could cause a stack overflow.
  • [VSTS42999]: Improved the server memory monitoring by listening to the GC activity.
  • [VSTS43036]: Added a timeout of 120 seconds for AD Password Filter.
  • [VSTS43235]: Optimized the persistent cache refresh engine to avoid using branch synchronization when an object level sync is sufficient. 
  • [VSTS43291]: Improved the sync processing agent and jobs timeout handling in busy systems by introducing a longer timeout, while keeping a short tick time activity.
  • [VSTS43334]: Added a download button to the export Login Analysis Results in the Global Identity Builder.
  • [VSTS43342]: Upgraded the Spring and Spring Security library versions to address CVE-2022-22950.
  • [VSTS43368]: Removed the unused apache poi and jsoup dependencies from the admin-portal and control panel project to address CVE-2017-12626.
  • [VSTS43655]: Added configurable timeout (default is 60 seconds) inconfig for the Active Directory password web socket service (for extracting passwords from AD).

Bug Fixes

  • [VSTS42859]: Disabled directory traversal for static resources for Control Panel endpoints (e.g. /ldabrowser, /public, /branded).
  • [VSTS42864]: Removed sensitive information from certificate import and audit report error messages.
  • [VSTS42884]: Fixed the incorrect initialization of compound objects when the merged object names contain a hyphen.
  • [VSTS42887]: Fixed an issue with the Control Panel where “invalid credentials” is seen on the Directory Browser tab when the admin user logged into Control Panel with MFA using a pin code (validated by a custom authentication provider).
  • [VSTS43107]: Added separate logs for each RadiantOne instance so that Windows services associated with each instance don’t have a conflict. 
  • [VSTS43109]: Fixed an issue where the setting "password never expires" of custom password policy was not overriding the default password policy's setting.
  • [VSTS43118]: Fixed an issue where the Instance Manager Utility was not using the correct instance name parameter when applying updates.
  • [VSTS43161]: Fixed a problem with Identity Data Analysis wizard not supporting attributes containing folded binary fields.
  • [VSTS43254]: Fixed a problem with extracting the SCIMv2 schema from Oracle Cloud data source.
  • [VSTS43339]: Fixed the ImportLdifChanges option in the ldif-utils utility because it was not preserving the original attribute case.
  • [VSTS43361]: Fixed an issue when trying to edit JSON attribute values from the Directory Browser tab, the UI did not display the attribute value correctly.
  • [VSTS43362]: Fixed the stop process for persistent cache connectors when polling interval property is configured for a large amount. The polling interval value no longer interferes with the connector stopping.
  • [VSTS43485]: Fixed the loading of data sources from \vds\vds_server\datasources folder so that only the custom.xml, database.xml, ldap.xml will be loaded.
  • [VSTS43510]: Fixed a bug in the ScriptHelper.lookupDN_Base(String dn) utility method that was causing this method to throw NPEs after upgrading from v7.2 to v7.3.
  • [VSTS43580]: Fixed an issue seen when creating a view on an LDAP backend with an empty base DN configured in the data source which was causing searches and other LDAP operations to fail.
  • [VSTS43608]: Fixed a problem with uploading entries into an Azure AD target using the mgraph custom data source.
  • [VSTS43614]: Fixed a problem seen when using an | (OR) operator to create a filter between a main attribute and a JSON attribute which was causing the query to fail.
  • [VSTS43617]: Fixed a problem with the database timestamp capture connector handling database table names containing a hyphen.


Known Issues

For known issues reported after the release, please see the Radiant Logic Knowledge Base:



v7.3.25 Installers and Update Installers can be downloaded from the following links:

v7.3.25 installers
v7.3.25 update installers

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