Product Lifetime Support Policy


Radiant Logic’s Product Lifetime Support Policy provides customers with access to technical experts via
the Radiant Logic Support Portal (, for as long as the maintenance
or subscription is current. There are two levels of product lifetime support: Full Support and Limited


Full Support 

Full Support indicates active support for a major version of the product. During Full Support, the major
version is actively supported with quarterly patch releases. With Full Support you receive:
• Quarterly Patches
• Upgrades
• Access to technical support experts
• Access to our online support portal and knowledgebase
When Full Support ends, if a customer has not upgraded to a newer version of the product, they receive
Limited Support. Please see Limited Support and the Version Availability


Limited Support 

Limited Support allows you to control your upgrade strategy. When Full Support for a version expires,
Limited Support is available as long as your maintenance or subscription is current. With Limited
Support, you receive:
• Upgrades
• Access to technical support experts
• Access to our online support portal and knowledgebase
Since the code base is frozen, quarterly patches are not released. If you experience issues that require
a bug fix with a version that is no longer available for Full Support, you will be required to upgrade to a
newer version of the product. Under certain circumstances, if Full Support has expired and a customer
is experiencing a bug in production where there is no workaround, Radiant Logic might be able to
create a patch for the expired version. Please see the Patch Release Policy below.


Patch Release Policy 

Radiant Logic is committed to pursuing sustainable business practices. As part of this goal, we deliver
all software through our online support site to reduce waste of paper and packaging materials.
Patches are scheduled to be released quarterly for all RadiantOne versions active under Full Support.
The patch release dates are scheduled for one week after OpenJDK releases the latest Java update to
ensure the latest security patches are fully supported. Under certain circumstances, Radiant Logic can
release a patch sooner than the next scheduled release. This is to ensure our customers get fixes to
critical problems as quickly as possible.
Patch release versions are categorized by the third digit of the full version number. Examples of patch
releases for v7.2 are: v7.2.3, v7.2.10, v.7.2.34. Examples of patch releases for v7.1 are: v7.1.4,
Patching a version of RadiantOne is classified as an update and can be applied by running an update
installer. Moving to a new version of RadiantOne is classified as an upgrade. Examples of an upgrade
are going from v7.1 to v7.2 or from v7.2 to v7.3. The upgrade process is not applied with an update
installer and may involve a professional services engagement to assess the current usage/configuration
of RadiantOne and a determination of the best upgrade strategy and time requirement. Customers
should contact their Radiant Logic Account Representative regarding upgrades.


Version Availability 

Product (major versions) Full Support Ends *Limited Support is indefinite* 
RadiantOne v4.5 January 2011
RadiantOne v4.6 January 2012
RadiantOne v5.0 – v5.2 January 2013
RadiantOne v5.3 March 2014
RadiantOne v6 – v6.1 March 2015
RadiantOne v6.2 December 2015
RadiantOne v7.0 – v7.1 February 2017
RadiantOne v7.2 January 2022
RadiantOne v7.3 July 2023
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