CFS Release Notes v3.16.2

Attached are release notes detailing changes between CFS v3.16.1 and v3.16.2.


  • [VSTS42685]: Minor Improvements to OIDC functionality/UI.
  • [VSTS42111]: Updated Social Network Authentication APIs
  • [VSTS42525]: Enhanced Generic SAML 2 Import Metadata Functionality
  • [VSTS42941]: Created a utility to clear the cache manually.
  • [VSTS43246]: Updated the Application and Theme Packages Download location. The new location is

Bug Fixes

  • [VSTS39685]: Fixed a problem with users being able to login to CFS Applications if they have an apostrophe character in the name (for e.g. O'Brien).
  • [VSTS42895]: Fixed a problem with the proxy not properly communicating health data back to the master.
  • [VSTS42896]: Using IIS to change ID/secret for Proxy fails.
  • [VSTS43016]: Fixed a problem with filters missing for clearing cache items.
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