RadiantOne v7.3.23 Release Notes

The following release notes detail improvements and fixes for RadiantOne v7.3.23.


  • [VSTS42291]: Specialized custom data source settings pages fixes follower nodes when redirecting to the leader.
  • [VSTS42921]: Updated the MariaDB JDBC driver installed with RadiantOne to version 2.7.3.


Bug Fixes

  • [VSTS41826]: Fixed an issue where ACI enforcement was not working properly when persistent cache is activated.
  • [VSTS41946]: Fixed an issue where deleting the value of the 'passwordRetryCount' attribute did not replicate properly onto another cluster during inter-cluster replication.
  • [VSTS42092]: Added a "Skip catch-up process (true/false)" property for the Persistent Search capture connector. The default value for the property is false. If the property value is true, the Persistent Search connector will not attempt to capture missed changes when it starts.
  • [VSTS42098]: Fixed a problem with the LDAP (changelog) persistent cache refresh connector not applying the filter configured in Pre-processing Filter property.
  • [VSTS42199]: Fixed an issue with PIV card/certificate sessions in Main Control Panel. There is now no redirect to the login screen when the session times out.
  • [VSTS42268]: Fixed an issue where Password Write Back was not working properly for password policy enforcement on persistent cache.
  • [VSTS42306]: Fixed an issue where different results were returned for the same strings. The recursion of findStringIgnoreTrim() method is now removed and an iterative solution to not overflow the stack has been implemented.
  • [VSTS42489]: Fixed an issue where Linked Attributes optimization for member-group relationship was not working for users associated with groups from multiple domains.
  • [VSTS42504]: The get-aci command is now case-insensitive on the -aciname parameter. The list-acis command now gives the exact case of the ACI name for all listed ACIs.
  • [VSTS42573]: Fixed an issue seen when enabling SCIM naming contexts using vdsconfig would fail if the location of the RadiantOne installation contained a path with mixed-case characters.
  • [VSTS42604]: Fixed an issue where Safe Modification of password policy was not working properly for persistent cache.
  • [VSTS42609]: Fixed an issue with the sync agent logs since the log4j upgrade which results in the agent not logging anymore.
  • [VSTS42644]: Fixed an issue where optimization on ACI enforcement did not work properly for users with groups from multiple domains when Linked Attributes was not configured to contain all groups.
  • [VSTS42648]: Fix to allow the backlink attribute generation from direct relationships between groups even if nesting relationship is not enabled.
  • [VSTS42663]: Fixed an issue where password policy’s restricting changes in certain duration was enforced only for self-change operations.
  • [VSTS42679]: Fixed an issue to allow passthrough authorization after interception script.
  • [VSTS42732]: Fixed an issue where the password policy's grace login was not working properly through the proxy layer with pass-thru authorization enabled.
  • [VSTS42739]: Fixed a search result tree display issue on Main Control Panel -> Directory Browser caused by case insensitivity.
  • [VSTS42797]: Fixed a connection problem if database connectors (DB timestamp and DB trigger, for example) use the same DB data source.
  • [VSTS42925]: Fixed a problem with ADAP not returning attributes that have empty values.

v7.3.23 Installers and Update Installers can be downloaded from the following links:

v7.3.23 installers
v7.3.23 update installers

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