RadiantOne Installers and Updaters

Note - You will need to create an account to access the files. There is not an FTP site to access these files. If your organization does not allow access to Sharefile, please reach out to the Radiant Logic support team and provide an organizationally approved location where we can upload the relevant files.

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1. Product Installations (X=patch release number):

v7.2.X is located at: Customer Downloads/Installers/7.2/7.2.X

v7.3.X is located at: Customer Downloads/Installers/7.3/7.3.X

v7.4.X is located at: Customer Downloads/Installers/7.4/7.4.X

**If you are an existing customer interested in upgrading to v7.4, please see: https://support.radiantlogic.com/hc/en-us/articles/4539644253972-Upgrading-to-RadiantOne-v7-4


Single Sign On module (known as CFS):

Located at: Customer Downloads/Installers/CFS/<version>


2. Product Updaters for patching (e.g. updating from v7.3.15 to v7.3.20, NOT for upgrading versions):

v7.2.X is located at: Customer Downloads/update_installers/7.2/7.2.X

v7.3.X is located at: Customer Downloads/update_installers/7.3/7.3.X

v7.4.X is located at: Customer Downloads/update_installers/7.4/7.4.X


3. JDK Updaters (applicable for RadiantOne v7.3 only):

Customer Downloads/jdk_updater/<version>


4. Migration Utilities (v2.0 is applicable for v7.3, v2.1 is applicable for v7.4):

Customer Downloads/MigrationUtility/<version>


5. Documentation:



6. Java 8 Upgraders (for older RadiantOne versions that required an upgrade to Java 8):

Customer Downloads/Java8_upgrade


7. Notifications:



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Date Votes
  • Please provide download links. 

  • Hi Dudley Cadet - what are you looking to download?  The Sharefile link to the installers and updaters is linked at the top of this article, but are you looking for something different?

    Rachel DeHoyos
    Manager of Radiant Logic Customer Experience  

  • The updater documentation discusses using the setup.exe for windows. But doesn't cover the headless/silent approach for when you do not have a GUI representation (LINUX base systems). 

  • Hi Aaron Gutknecht- there should be a section in the Installation Guide titled: Silent Mode Installs which would direct you through the installation on a non web UI based install (like Linux).  Let me know if that works for you and if you require any additional clarifications! 

    -Rachel DeHoyos, Manager of Customer Experience @ Radiant Logic

  • I noticed there is a "slim" in the filenames for the radiantone installers.  I've seen it before, and I am curious what is that?  I've always used the one with "full".  Thanks.

  • Hi Randl, I confirmed with my technical team that the slim version does not install "Context Builder, Eclipse for VDS, ICS Console and the RadiantOne documentation" components which are not needed in Production setup.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!

    - Josie Senecal, Customer Experience Manager

  • It appears the release notes and several other files related to the 7.4.8 patch are 0 byte files.

  • Hi Jim,

    In the Sharefile some items do appear as 0-byte files, these are links to our Developer Portal. This is where all the latest 7.4 release documentation lives.

    Please let me know if you have any trouble navigating.

    - Josie Senecal, Customer Experience Manager


  • Hi, the Sharefile link does not provide us access to any of the folders listed above. Instead it is just sending us to a generic dashboard view (screenshot attached).

    We are in the middle of upgrading from 7.3 to 7.4 and require these files. Can you please provide explicit link or access to the product installers, product updaters, JDK updaters and migration utilities?

  • Hi Ipki, 

    I am unsure why you are unable to locate the appropriate files. The link provided works on my end, but I have opened a support ticket, and our engineers will be able to send the installers to you until we can sort out why you cannot view them. 


  • I've confirmed I can access the link - https://radiantlogicinc246.sharefile.com/, and it takes me the Installers download area.  Your issue may be product entitlement.


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