RadiantOne v7.3.31 Release Notes

The following release notes detail improvements and fixes for RadiantOne v7.3.30.


  • [VSTS43099]: Improvement to enable internal client SSL and sets the cluster communication mode to always use SSL when the LDAP port or Admin HTTP port are disabled.  
  • [VSTS45978]: Updated JDK version to 8u392. 
  • [VSTS46122]: Improvement to support FIPS-mode in PBE-enabled environments. 

Security Vulnerability Fixes

  • [VSTS45791]: Excluded Apache Batik dependency and updated Xalan dependency to version 2.7.3 to address: CVE-2018-8013 & CVE-2022-34169 
  • [VSTS46137]: Removed jquery-migrate-1.4.1.min.js to address CVE-2020-11022.

Bug Fixes 

  • [VSTS44377]: Fix to remove Jetty server version response header to reduce exposure to attacks. 
  • [VSTS45667]: Fixed an issue where password policy was not enforced properly when the pwdChangedTime format was in microseconds. 
  • [VSTS45715]: Fixed an issue with the Main Control Panel > Settings tab and Directory Namespace tab not loading properly on Follower cluster nodes when the service has been hardened and the non-SSL port has been disabled.  
  • [VSTS45722]: Fixed an issue with start/stop capture connectors for persistent cache real-time refreshes when the service has been hardened and the non-SSL port has been disabled.  
  • [VSTS45748]: Fixed an issue where the command line configuration tool was incorrectly accepting spaces for data source names.  
  • [VSTS45787]: Fixed an issue where the Main Control Panel > Replication Monitoring tab table did not allow the user to expand store names with commas in them. 
  • [VSTS45805]: Fixed incorrect memory settings format for Windows services causing custom memory sizing to be ignored. 
  • [VSTS45874]: Fixed an issue with the "Attributes not displayed in logs for security purposes" not functioning properly for all logs.
  • [VSTS45924]: Fixed the migration tool v2.0 to re-encrypt all data sources when migrating from a non-PBE to a PBE environment.
  • [VSTS46018]: Fixed an issue preventing the configuration of persistent cache refresh connectors on proxy views containing merged backends.
  • [VSTS46182]: Fixed an issue that caused Glassfish to fail when creating a persistent cache by adding bouncy castle to the classpath appserver.cp file.


For known issues reported after the release, please see the Radiant Logic Knowledge Base:



v7.3.31 Installers and Update Installers Links: 



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