Implementing rollover conditions for vds_server_access logs when default folder location is changed.

Product: FID

Version: v7.4.x

Question: vds_server_access logs are not removed once the rollover conditions are met, when the default folder location is changed to a custom folder location.




server.log.file.archive.scan.folder parameter is used to scan the folder to remove the archived logs once the rollover conditions are met. We need to properly set this folder location in order for VDS to remove the logs.

Unlike vds_server logs which has "server.log.file.archive.scan.folder" parameter in Advanced Settings vds_server_access logs doesn't have it in the UI.


You can edit the following parameter (server.log.file.archive.scan.folder) to fix the cleanup issue by updating it directly in the ZooKeeper node /radiantone/v2/<cluster_name>/config/logging/log4j2-vds.json:       

    "configuration" : {
        "properties": {
            "property": [
                    "name" : "access.log.file.archive.scan.folder",
                    "value" : "${rli:logging.root}/${}/logs"
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