May 18, 2023

This letter serves as a formal notification reminder that Radiant Logic, Inc. (Radiant Logic) release v7.2 has been End of Life since January 2022. Radiant Logic also notified customers in September 2022 that we are discontinuing support for RadiantOne v7.3 on December 31, 2023.

Please note Radiant Logic v7.2 was released in March 2016 and is subject to known operational and instability issues. The list of vulnerabilities and critical known issues across all versions can be found here in our Support Portal. These issues are resolved in current releases 7.3.29 / 7.4.6 / 8.0 SaaS (please see Radiant Logic Support Policy for more information).

Please also note there are potential security risks associated with v7.2.X which may lead to compromised operations. Based on the imminent v7.3 EOL, it is highly recommended an upgrade is initiated as soon as possible to version v7.4.6 or v8.0. Options include:

  • Upgrade to RadiantOne v8.0 SaaS

Upgrade to the new fully-managed SaaS version of RadiantOne, which includes Federated Identity, Universal Directory and Global Synchronization. Get first access to new features and enjoy a painless experience as Radiant Logic handles the updates and maintenance for you.

  • Update to the latest release of RadiantOne v7.4.

We strongly recommend updating to Radiant Logic’s latest patch version 7.4.6, which incorporates 123 product improvements, 166 bug fixes, and remediates 32 critical severity and 6 high severity security vulnerabilities.

  • Patch current product (minimum required action at this time)

We highly recommend operating on the latest v7.3.X patch release as it includes remediation for several security vulnerabilities.  Our v7.3.X series will conclude with patch release v7.3.31 in December 2023 after which this series will be end of life.  This means there will be no product improvements, bug fixes, or security updates.

Instructions on how to update your product can be found on our Support Portal. Radiant Logic would like to support your transition to a supported version of our product and has Professional Services available to assist.  Please contact your Territory Manager to discuss which option best fits your organization’s needs.  


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