Radiantone v7.3.29 Release Notes

The following release notes detail improvements and fixes for RadiantOne v7.3.29.


  • [VSTS40139]: Added more logging for persistent cache refreshes into vds_server.log and sync_engine.log.
  • [VSTS44064]: Added a configurable email message for license expiration notifications.
  • VSTS44642]: Added a new property in vds_server.conf (useInterceptionErrorCodeOnViews) that is configurable using the vdsconfig command line utility, set-property command, to control how error codes are returned from interception scripts associated with virtual views. This allows virtual views to return a return code other than 1 if that is the desired behavior. By default, virtual views always return error code 1 no matter what is set in the interception script.
  • [VSTS44719]: Improved memory management to avoid garbage collection pauses during the creation and sorting of images containing large entries (e.g. groups) used for persistent cache periodic refreshes
  • [VSTS44956]: Added IBM DB2 TIMESTAMP data type support in the DB Timestamp Connector.
  • [VSTS44976]: Updated the RadiantOne Salesforce JDBC driver to use Salesforce API v57. The instance name is also now optionally configurable in the RadiantOne data source URL.
  • [VSTS44988]: Improved bind processing for proxy views containing merge tree configurations, to take into consideration the state of the user account in the primary backend and avoid checking the account in other merged backends if the bind fails related to an expired password, a disabled account, an expired account, a locked account, or if the user must reset their password.
  • [VSTS45094]: Improvement so the task log viewer in Server Control Panel is read-only.
  • [VSTS45189]: Updated JDK version to 8u372-b07.

Bug Fixes

  • [VSTS41469]: Fixed an issue that was preventing the actualdn attribute to be properly computed in cached LDAP views built with the -vpp optimization.
  • [VSTS44661]: Fixed an issue where the option to Export LDIF in Main Control Panel was not available for logged in users associated with the read-only privilege.
  • [VSTS44891]: Fixed an issue with binds failing against cached credentials from a backend ODSEE due to how the hash algorithm was storing the value in lower case in the cache.
  • [VSTS44913]: Fixed an issue with generating the RadiantOne LDAP schema from ORX files due to the super user account containing a semicolon in the password.
  • [VSTS44968]: Fixed an issue where the linked attribute optimizations (async indexing) was not properly saved and loaded in Main Control Panel for Universal Directory stores.
  • [VSTS45063]: Fixed an issue where some parameter values were being incorrectly quoted when calling vdsconfig using the ADAP interface. This was causing commands containing argument values with special characters like double quotes to fail with: "Error: the computed expression is not in the expected format: ATTRIBUTENAME=EXPRESSION.\"\r\n}".
  • [VSTS45069]: Fixed a regression which may cause ACI's containing a target filter to not function properly.
  • [VSTS45107]: Improvement to support the tree delete control when deleting entries in ADAP bulk mode. The tree delete control can be activated by including the "deletetree" parameter to the delete operation with a boolean value of true.
  • [VSTS45253]: Fixed a parsing issue when passing the RadiantOne install location to the migration utility with the generate-migration-plan command.
  • [VSTS45301]: Fixed an issue where the ADAP paged searches failed due to the distribution of queries by the load balancer. These requests are now handled and redirected internally by RadiantOne as needed to prevent this problem.

For known issues reported after the release, please see the Radiant Logic Knowledge Base:


v7.3.29 Installers and Update Installers can be downloaded from the following links:

v7.3.29 installers
v7.3.29 update installers

Migration Utility

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