RadiantOne v7.3.28 Release Notes

The following release notes detail improvements and fixes for RadiantOne v7.3.28.


  • [VSTS43613]: Improvement for the ICS transformation process to log details related to publishing events into the approvals database and log messages when the approvals database is unavailable.
  • [VSTS43786]: Improvement for the ICS transformation process to retry pushing events to the approvals database instead of discarding them on errors. The process will auto-suspend if there is no approvals database data source configured, or after 5 consecutive connection failures.
  • [VSTS44328]: Improvement for ACI evaluation performance in cases where the search request returns a large result set.
  • [VSTS44641]: Improvement to make the maximum number of concurrent active ADAP paged searches configurable on Main Control Panel > Settings > Server Front End > Other Protocols.
  • [VSTS44669]: Added new commands to the vdsconfig utility to allow global profile upload and global profile reset tasks to be launched from the command line. The new commands are globalprofile-upload, and globalprofile-reset.
  • [VSTS44680]: Added the full RadiantOne version/revision to the RootDSE vendorversion attribute.
  • [VSTS44793]: Updated JDK version to 8u362-b09.
  • [VSTS44864]: Improvement to automatically enable “Password never expires” in password policies when the “Password expires after 0d” value is set using the vdsconfig command line utility.


Bug Fixes

  • [VSTS44001]: Fixed an issue where local secure connection (ldaps) could not be established when mutual authentication is set as required.
  • [VSTS44194]: Fixed the Main Control Panel login to display messages regarding expired passwords and when passwords are about to expire. For expired passwords, the admin is prompted with a link to reset their password.
  • [VSTS44290]: Fixed an issue with the Derby database service not accepting connections when it is running as a Windows service.
  • [VSTS44615]: Fixed an issue with custom Message of the Day HTML not displaying properly.
  • [VSTS44689]: Fixed an issue that was preventing nested groups from being unnested properly.
  • [VSTS44692]: Fixed an issue with connectivity to a backend Active Directory when a user name or base DN contains escaped characters. This was causing authentication errors noticed during persistent cache refresh operations because connections in the pool were using the incorrectly formatted user name/base DN.
  • [VSTS44693]: Fixed an issue where subsequent modifications on pwdLastLogonTime may accumulate, resulting it degraded modification performance.
  • [VSTS44703]: Removed redundant and overly verbose logs from INFO level when fetching range attributes.
  • [VSTS44725]: Fixed an issue where internal connections were not properly reused, resulting in total connections accumulating causing max connection threshold to be reached.
  • [VSTS44801]: Fixed an issue where the IBM ACI Migration Utility tool was not properly handling the case of having a base DN as part of the serverURL. Added two new optional properties in the properties file for the tool: 1) Specify an optional filter parameter 2) Specify an optional pageSize parameter.
  • [VSTS44832]: Fixed an issue that was preventing the Global identity Builder tool from loading properly when trying to open it from Main Control Panel > Wizards tab.
  • [VSTS44855]: Fixed an issue that was preventing custom password policies from being saved properly.

Known Issues

For known issues reported after the release, please see the Radiant Logic Knowledge Base:



v7.3.28 Installers and Update Installers can be downloaded from the following links:

v7.3.28 installers
v7.3.28 update installers

Migration Utility

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